5 Other Blogs I Enjoy

I honestly don’t read many blogs, and if I do they aren’t really related to education at all, so I used this blog project as an experience to look into more blogs I might enjoy. I like music blogs because they introduce me to new music I most likely wouldn’t hear on the radio or iTunes. In this post I will list and briefly describe five blogs that I enjoy that somehow relate to education:

1. The first blog that caught my interest was one called  “Journalist on the Run” and it is written by a woman who travels around. I am very interested in travelling and from some of the posts I read, she is very adventurous and likes to go to many places around the world. I think this blog can be related to sociology because she is experiencing new cultures and writing about it so she definitely sees many different types of people and societies. http://janetnewenham.wordpress.com/

2. Another blog I found that was interesting is called “Everyday Sociology.” This features many different writers and they cover a wide range of topics in the sociology field that relate to relevant news. I really like the site and the format because it presents the information in really reader-friendly ways that make me interested in their topics. They have a lot of information about sociology as a subject and topics that sociologists cover. It is a really good site for information about a wide range of topics. http://nortonbooks.typepad.com/everydaysociology/

3. The next blog I found that I enjoy is called “Sociological Images.” This blog has an image and then the blog writer discusses information behind the image. I thought this was a really cool site because I am a visual learner and seeing the pictures made it more interesting for me to read the information written about it. They also have many video posts and they relate to important studies in sociology. The site is written by two women who have their PhD’s and their goal is to encourage people to develop their sociological imagination and their format with images definitely makes me want to explore their site more. http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/

4. Another good blog I found is called “Racialicious.” This blog is very interesting because it compares the issue of race with our pop culture and how the affect each other. The authors are interested in race and social media, so this blog covers some interesting topics that also relate to pop culture. They use news stories to relate it to race and although the blogs are mainly by the people who run the site, they also review guest writers and you are allowed to comment on their posts. This site is really cool and has a good format to start discussions and explore the topic of race. http://www.racialicious.com/

5. The fifth blog that also interested me is “Threadbared.” This blog is written by two women, one who is a professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and the other writes about political and cultural economies. They are both very interested in fashion and this blog discusses the politics, aesthetics, histories, theories, and cultures that make up “fashion” and “beauty.” Their blog is really interesting especially because I love clothes and they write how clothes are important to the world around us. They definitely have a sociological perspective in their writing  http://iheartthreadbared.wordpress.com/


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