Reflection on the Blogs for the Semester

I was hesitant about writing a blog at first because I have no experience with it prior to this semester. I didn’t really understand it and had never really read blogs before. In the end I am glad we had to blog instead of a final research paper. I am horrible about keeping things until the last minute and blogging forced me to write a couple paragraphs every so often. I know if I had to write a 10 page paper by the end of the semester it would all be written at the last minute and keeping up with the blog led to me to budget my time better throughout the semester. 

I also think blogging about the articles we discussed in class right after we discussed them helped me understand them better. While the information was fresh in my mind I would revisit the articles and write about them, making the topics clear in my mind. It also definitely helped me on the tests because relating the articles to other topics and having to go back and read them again made me know the information better.

Overall I think it was a good experience because blogging was a way to write about the articles as we talked about them instead of waiting until the end of the semester to try to piece the whole class back together. I had to think more critically about the articles as we went over them and  the assignment made me keep on top of my reading. I can honestly say blogging helped me understand the information better and help explore the topics covered in the articles more.