Bohemian Grove

I decided to focus my next blog about the “Bohemian Grove” because I had never heard of this exclusive club before we discussed it in sociology. As I began to research it, I found there was much controversy about what actually goes on at the grove. I found a website: that seemed to stick to strictly factual information about the grove. It is a redwood forest area in Monte Rio, California with accommodation for 2000 to “camp,” but more of a luxurious camping than I would do. It is an all men club formed in 1872 that is basically filled with elite white men over the age of 50. I also found it interesting that many large corporations are represented at the grove from oil companies to banks. The most powerful men do their networking here because the only people invited are elites so together they can be even more powerful with their connections.

I can’t believe I had never heard about this place before, especially because I live really close to San Francisco and I have been further North in that area before. There are a lot of conspiracy theories about what goes on at the grove. Another website I found: had a lot of speculation about what goes on there, including comparing them to the KKK and cult activities. The photo I attached below is where the activities supposedly take place. The stone is supposed to be the Owl symbol and is apparently 40 feet tall. I read more about the “Owl God’ and from what I found it symbolizes knowledge and is where the “Cremation of Care” ceremony takes place which I am still not sure what exactly that is- rumored to be a religious ceremony, but some websites say it is a dramatic play at the beginning of camp. An owl also is on the logo of the club and there are many conspiracy theories regarding the owl and the white house.

Basically my research led me to a LOT of random websites that either seemed to be informative or very fabricated or dramatized. I think the Bohemian Grove was interesting to look into though because it is another example of class tension and separation because it is a club only elites can be a part of. Many people are upset with the mystery involved with the grove because it is so secretive people wonder what they could be hiding. I agree that it is a concern how hidden all their activities are and although the grove has a motto “weaving spiders come not here” meaning it is not a place for business, I think that a majority of the people talk business and make connections, which is only natural when you are always craving more power. It was interesting studying the grove although it was really hard to find information I could take as factual because there are so many controversial sites about it. It definitely is an example of elites trying to keep their affairs private and that scares “regular” people because we don’t know if their discussions are working for the benefit of everyone or just to make the rich richer.   

This is the famous owl statue where apparently a lot of activites of the grove are centered around.

This is the logo for the grove also with an image of the owl.